Tips to get the most out of your hearing consultation

Tinnitus SA was established with support from the South Australian Government.

Tips to get the most out of your hearing consultation.

Before Your Appointment:

  • Discuss your hearing concerns with your doctor to ensure your hearing is NOT affected by treatable medical condition
  • If you a pensioner or veteran, you could be eligible for the Australian Government Hearing Services Program. Can:Do Hearing can apply for the program on your behalf – prior to providing any services.
  • Obtain a referral or a Hearing Services Program medical certificate from your doctor if you hearing concern is NOT medically treatable. Bring this to your first appointment with us.
  • Ask someone to attend the appointment with you. The experiences of those closest to you (close friends and family) in relation with your hearing loss may be important.


During Your Appointment

  • Expect to undergo initial tests, such as a hearing assessment. Having a summary of your hearing concerns and key questions is always helpful, but not mandatory.
  • Expect to be asked comprehensive details about your lifestyle, including situations where hearing is difficult or frustrating to those close to you.
  • Make sure you have the opportunity to discuss and clarify your hearing concerns with your service provider.

At the End of Your Appointment

  • Always take the time to clarify anything you do not understand.
  • Ask questions related to services that available or not covered, especially when received under the government hearing service programs.
  • Expect to be given a copy of documents, which include results from your assessment, information about fully and partially subsidised hearing devices as well any associated out of pocket costs
  • Take your time to consider your options before making any decision – especially a financial one.


After your Appointment

  • Schedule and attend follow-up and review appointments to ensure you get the best results from your hearing health program.